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On Tuesday Patricia Bradley will tell us What’s Hot in Inspirational Suspense and Mystery. 


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On Friday, Mary Alford talks about “When The End Turns Into A New Direction - The Courage Under Fire Series Continues, And A Giveaway!” She’ll also be introducing her upcoming release, FIRESTORM! Someone will win their choice of any one of the books in her Courage Under Fire series.


Her brother told her if she ever needed help—no matter how serious it might be—she should find James Cooper. Well, Sarah Hancock certainly is in need now, after Blake is arrested for treason and taken away in the middle of the night. Somehow, Daniel Pamphili’s men have connected Blake to the former commander of his SEAL unit. Blake’s life is in real jeopardy.

Desperate to save her brother, Sarah drives straight through from Colorado to Idaho where Blake told her James and members of Strike Force were in hiding. Sarah arrives in time to see the team’s compound go up in flames. An attempt meant to wipe Strike Force off the face of the earth.

Has she hung all her hopes on this trip only to arrive too late to save Blake?

When James Cooper receives an unidentified call from a female claiming to be Blake Hancock’s sister, he is filled with doubts. Is this another attempt to ferret the team out lead by Daniel Pamphili, the real power behind the One World drive that James and the rest of Strike Force believe is taking the world toward a future Armageddon?

Yet, from the minute he sees her, James is confident that not only is this Blake’s sister, but Sarah would not be here if Blake were not in danger.

The story she tells about her brother’s imprisonment is frightening. No matter what, James will move heaven and hell to save his brother in arms from death, but will he and Sarah, along with the rest of Strike Force, be walking straight into another carefully designed trap that might result in all their deaths?

Find out in this next installment of Courage Under Fire.

You can preorder FIRESTORM here!


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