Friday, June 18, 2021

Bucket List Vacations

Today I will be giving away two copies of my book Undercover Mission. It is book three in the Alaska K-9 series. The book takes place on a cruise ship, so that meant I got to do all kinds of research about cruise ships. Some of them are so big and have so much going on you can stay on the ship and never run out of things to do. They have tons of places to eat, recreational and entertainment opportunities, and of course shopping. Some of the ships bring on board experts and tour guides to teach about the places the ship stops at. A large cruise ship is in many ways like a floating village. 

The research got me to thinking about what kind of vacations I would like to take in the future. Alaska was already on my bucket list but I think a cruise ship would make it even more fun. They have cruises that never go out into the deep ocean so you have a port of call almost everyday. 

I have other vacations in mind for my bucket list. A shack by the ocean with nothing but my journal and a stack of books to read. A trip to Ireland and Scotland. A walking tour of England. Costa Rica because it looks so beautiful and Belize because they speak English there. 

I also think about vacations a little closer to home. Not too far from where I live is a Christian camp up in the mountains. They rent out rooms for people wanting to do a private retreat during the off season. I used to camp with my late husband a lot when we were first married. Back then we slept in a tent on the ground. Now I know that I turn into a crab if I don't have a good night's sleep. But I still would love to have a van with a nice bed and a chance to build a fire and roast a hot dog. 

I can also say that I have already done much of my bucket list. From visiting most of the national parks in the west to Australia. 

Something about taking a vacations give fresh perspective and makes me appreciate home more. After a year of covid confinement, I think we all have a little wanderlust. How about you? What is on your bucket list for a vacation? What trip have you already taken?

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

THE GIRL BEHIND THE RED ROPE - Review by A.D. Lawrence

I read my fair share of books, but it isn’t often a story sticks with me for very long, because my memory isn’t great. Maybe I should take Ginkgo Biloba for that, but hey, I’ll worry about it another day. That being said, The Girl Behind the Red Rope by Tedd and Rachelle Dekker left a deep impression, and I won’t soon forget it.

Without giving spoilers, I will say that the main character, Grace, grew up in a cult environment. Good deeds were done out of fear rather than love for the Lord, and even though the members of the compound were doing the right things, darkness hung heavy over the community. This story showed Grace’s inner struggle with the truth and what she’s been taught in a haunting allegory. It kind of reminded me of M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village.

Honestly, I feel inadequate to review books. Some write beautiful reviews that are so heartfelt they bring a tear to my eye. My klunky reviews sound a lot like Lloyd Christmas when he says, “I like it a lot,” with a dopey grin, but I’ll give it my best shot. The spiritual theme of love vs. fear was a huge blessing. When life gets crazy it’s easy to forget and good to be reminded that God doesn’t give us the spirit of fear, and his perfect love casts fear away. On top of that, the emotions were very well-written, and I wondered up until the last chapter if things would really be okay by the last page. The ending was satisfying, since it wasn’t an over-the-top happily ever after. It was realistic and that’s my favorite kind of ending. If you haven’t read The Girl Behind the Red Rope yet, I’d recommend it!

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The winner of Justice Undercover by Connie Queen is Rachel T.! I’ll get a Kindle copy headed your way.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Wondering what's new this week in inspirational suspense and mystery? Jaime Jo Wright recently released On the Cliffs of Foxglove Manor from Bethany House.

Here's a little bit about the story:

In 1885, Adria arrives at Foxglove Manor to recover goods her father pirated. The sinister dwelling holds dark secrets that threaten her life. More than 130 years later, Kailey works at the senior home in the renovated mansion where she hears whispers of hidden treasure. Will she risk everything to banish past demons?

You can buy On the Cliffs of Foxglove Manor HERE

Have a great week of reading, lovers of inspirational suspense ~ Mary Ellis 

Monday, June 14, 2021


We’re planning another great week on the Suspense Sisters. Check out our posts, our interviews, and our awesome giveaways!


On Tuesday Mary Ellis will tell us What’s Hot in Inspirational Suspense and Mystery. 

Wednesday we’ll hear from A.D. Lawrence! Have you read her book, THE PURPLE NIGHTGOWN?

Step into True Colors -- a series of Historical Stories of Romance and True American Crime

Marvel at true but forgotten history when patients check into Linda Hazzard’s Washington state spa in 1912 and soon become victim of her twisted greed.

Heiress Stella Burke is plagued by insincere suitors and nonstop headaches. Exhausting all other medical aides for her migraines, Stella reads Fasting for the Cure of Disease by Linda Hazzard and determines to go to the spa the author runs. Stella’s chauffer and long-time friend, Henry Clayton, is reluctant to leave her at the spa. Something doesn’t feel right to him, still Stella submits herself into Linda Hazzard’s care. Stella soon learns the spa has a dark side and Linda a mean streak. But when Stella has had enough, all ways to leave are suddenly blocked. Will Stella become a walking skeleton like many of the other patients or succumb to a worse fate?

You can buy it here! 

Friday author Sharon Dunn who will be sharing her bucket list of dream vacations! She’ll also be giving away a copy of her upcoming release UNDERCOVER MISSION!

Trapped on a ship with a killer…can her K-9 partner sniff out the clues?

Undercover on a cruise ship with her K-9 dog, Alaska State Trooper Maya Rodriguez uses herself as bait to catch a murderer. And security officer David Garrison is the only person she can trust with the truth. But with a possible serial killer dead-set on taking out anyone who stands in the way, will Maya and David make it off the ship alive?

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Sharon Dunn

You can buy it here! 

The Suspense Sisters

We love books!


Friday, June 11, 2021

New book from Mary Ellis ~ leave a comment for a chance to win a free copy!


Authors are often asked, “Where did you get the idea for your new book series?” For me the answer is almost always: from travel. And the funny part is you never know when and where inspiration will hit.

Almost three years ago I was driving south on one of the major highways when hunger pangs grabbed my attention. Tired of fast food, my husband and I took the next exit in search of local cuisine. What we found was a bourbon distillery just outside of Lexington that served lunch on the patio. After truly delicious sandwiches, I talked the manager into giving me a peek behind-the-scenes. Although their normal bourbon tours had been suspended for the season, my enthusiasm for the product won over the bartender/tour guide’s heart and she gave me a thorough step-by-step explanation of how they make their bourbon. I even got to meet the Master Distiller and ask him a few questions, which is no small feat. And I was allowed to photograph areas normally off-limits to tourists. During the process, corn and rye are mixed with limestone well water, then malted (fermented) barley is added to begin new fermentation. The mash is distilled twice to create a smoother bourbon and aged in new oak barrels with annual taste-testing after the first two years. Once the master distiller decides it’s ready, the bourbon is filtered and bottled. What’s my secret for getting insider info? No secret—I was simply in the right place at the right time among distillers who love their craft.

That evening, while sipping my purchase in a hotel room, ideas for murder mysteries popped into my head. Who should be my central character to solve these heinous crimes? Where to find the body? Who wants to kill whom? And so the Bourbon Tour Murder series was born wherein a syndicated travel writer, who drinks nothing but wine from a box, becomes my reluctant sleuth. I had fun taking these tours and writing these books. (Although absolutely no murders took place during my tours.)

In the first of the series, One for the Road, my travel writer, Jill Curtis, becomes a suspect after she lands in the middle of a century-old family feud between bourbon makers. And in my current book, One Hundred Proof Murder, Jill hopes to land a job promotion, get better acquainted with her new detective boyfriend, and keep her relatives out of trouble. She’s not looking for a best friend, unless that friend’s father is a Louisville distiller. And she certainly doesn’t wish to involve herself in another murder. But you know how good intentions go…

So grab your beverage of choice, then pour yourself a shot of rivalry, romance and murder with One Hundred Proof Murder.  Available on Kindle now and in print 8-3-2021.

Book one, One for the Road, now $3.99 in Kindle!! One for the Road (A Bourbon Tour mystery Book 1) eBook: Ellis, Mary: Kindle Store

Leave me a comment regarding your favorite "tourist" destination for a chance to win a print copy of One Hundred Proof Murder. You must leave your email address to win. Drawing in one week. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Meet the authors of Dangerous Pursuits!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I’d like to introduce you all to the authors of the upcoming anthology, Dangerous Pursuits: 15 Stories From Today's Most Popular Mystery and Suspense Authors!

This collection is now up for preorder for only .99 cents at Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Kobo. Dangerous Pursuits releases October 15th

Each month I will be introducing several of the authors in the collection.

Today, I’d like you to meet, Shirlee McCoy, Cara Putman, and Sharee Stover. These ladies each have new books out this month and I will be giving away an e-book copy of one of these authors’ new releases to one person. 

New York Times best-selling author Shirlee McCoy loves books. She loves reading them. She loves writing them. She loves sharing them with family, friends, and total strangers on airplanes and in doctors' offices. It's no surprise that she loves being an author. Her first book was published in 2004. Since then, she's written more than 55 novels. Her books have appeared on the New York Times, Publisher's Weekly, and USA Today bestsellers lists. When she's not writing, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and volunteering as a member of Chesapeake Search Dogs - a non-profit organization dedicated to finding the lost and missing and bringing closure to their families. A former teacher, she takes pleasure in helping others pursue their writing goals and enjoys sharing her knowledge with aspiring authors.

She enjoys hearing from readers and writers. You can email her at or catch up with her life and writing at

Shirlee’s new book is Evidence of Innocence.

Here's the blurb: 

She was wrongly accused…and now she’s searching for the dangerous truth.

Finally exonerated after fifteen years in prison, Kinsley Garrett’s determined to find her father’s true killer—even if it makes her a target. Staying alive means relying on police chief Marcus Bayne’s protection, but she won’t trust him…or anyone. Not after the way everyone turned on her following her arrest. But as Marcus risks everything to shield her, can Kinsley keep him from burrowing into her heart?


Since the time she could read Nancy Drew, Cara Putman wanted to write mysteries. In 2005 she attended a book signing at her local Christian bookstore. The rest, as they say, is history. There she met Colleen Coble. With prompting from her husband, she shared her dream with Colleen. Since those infamous words, Cara has been writing award-winning books with the count currently at 35 published and more in the works.

In addition to writing, Cara is a mom of four, attorney, lecturer at a Big Ten university, active in women's ministry, and all-around crazy woman. Crazy about God, her husband, and her kids. She graduated with honors from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Go Huskers!), George Mason Law School, and Purdue University's MBA program. You can learn more about Cara’s books at And if you'd like a copy of her legal suspense novella, Dying for Love, simply connect with Cara here:, and she’ll send you the link.

Cara’s new book, Trial By Fire, comes out on June 11th.

Here’s the blurb:

Her mother's house was first. Then her brother's. County prosecutor Tricia Jamison is sure she's next on the arsonist's list. But who is after her family? And why does every fire throw her in Noah Brust's path?

Noah can't forgive Tricia. Her failure to protect him on the stand the previous year meant his father's reputation was ruined. Yet every time the firefighter is near her, he's drawn to her again. The vulnerability she hides under her confident veneer surprises and moves him. Torn between Tricia's safety and his own bitterness, Noah belatedly remembers the first rule of firefighting: don't get burned.

Colorado native Sharee Stover lives in Nebraska with her real-life-hero husband, three too-good-to-be-true children, and two ridiculously spoiled dogs. A self-proclaimed word nerd, she loves the power of the written word to transform, ignite and restore. She writes Christian romantic suspense combining heart-racing, nail-biting suspense and the delight of falling in love all in one. When she isn't writing, Sharee enjoys reading, crocheting, and long walks with her obnoxiously lovable German Shepherd. Visit her at

Sharee’s new book is entitled Cold Case Trail

Here's the blurb: 

Following the clues could be the last thing they do…

Temporarily working in the cold case division was supposed to mean less danger for state trooper Trey Jackson and his injured K-9 partner, Magnum—until they thwart an abduction. Now he must protect profiler Justine Stark, even as she blames him for her friend’s death ten years ago. Can he right past wrongs by finally solving the murder…and making sure Justine lives to find closure?

Be sure to comment with your email address to be included in the drawing. I will select one winner and announce their name next Wednesday, June 16th!

Crisp Days. Cold Nights. Dangerous Pursuits.

The chill of fall brings with it a hint of peril in Dangerous Pursuits, a clean and Christian suspense anthology featuring some of today’s most popular female authors.

Start your fall off right with 15 gripping tales of Clean and Christian suspense from today's most popular ladies of mystery and suspense. Join Mary Alford, Lisa Harris, Therese Heckenkamp, Cynthia Hickey, Gina Holder, Ronie Kendig, Dana R Lynn, Shirlee McCoy, Dana Mentink, J. Carol Nemeth, Cara Putman, Sharee Stover, Terri Reed, Alana Terry, Lenora Worth on a dangerous journey filled with mystery and suspense that will keep you turning pages until the very. Last. One.

Just .99 cents until October 12th.

Thank you all!

All the best...
Mary Alford