Thursday, February 4, 2021

Love, True Love


I know that Valentine's Day has long been thought of as the holiday for couples. As a widow, this should make me feel a little left out. I know for some of my single friends, it is the day they would rather stay in bed. However, I think that it can be a holiday for everyone if we shift the focus from romantic love, to all the love we have in our lives starting with Jesus. I have the love of my friends, my siblings, my children and the unconditional love of my dog. I also have love FOR many things: books, walks through parks, nights when the moon is full, a smile from a baby in the grocery store,  my warm blanket at night. I could lists a thousand other things. My point being is that yes, while there are some people who are getting chocolate and going out to dinner, even if you are not, there is so much to celebrate about love in this life.  There may be an opportunity to show love to someone else, a kind word to a co-worker, a smile for a stranger who looks a little down a "thinking of you" card to someone who is not expecting it. So many ways to bring love into this world. 

If you do nothing else watch a romantic movie. Here are my four favorites. The Princess Bride, Say Anything, A Walk in the Clouds and Music and Lyrics. 

Also, there is no law against buying yourself chocolate and flowers.

How about you? How are you going to celebrate this great holiday? What is your favorite romantic movie?

Leave a comment below along with your email address. I will pick two winners who will have a choice of any of my romantic suspense books which you can find on amazon or at my website at sharondunn


  1. I love your suggestion of doing something nice for someone else as a way to celebrate Valentine's Day. I like to send cards containing notes and will be sending Valentine cards with notes to various elderly single people in my church family as well as to relatives and some close friends. susiesellner at gmail dot com

  2. Valentine's Day always holds sweet memories for me. It reminds me of my dear parents, now joined together in their heavenly home. Theirs was a true romance. They met on a blind date and were married 7 days later. They were married just shy of 60 years before Dad went ahead to get things ready for Mom. There wasn't a day that they didn't show to each other and the world that they were in love with each other.

    As for me, it gives me another special day to let the love of my life how special and important he is in my life. Although our meeting and marriage was far different for my parents, it's still just as real and fulfilling. As a general rule, we don't express that love of special days, but rather do it on every day. At our age, if I want to bake him a special meal or he wants to surprise me with "just because" flowers, we do it then and not wait days or weeks for when someone else says this is the day to do it. After the loss of parents and our only child, you learn life is precious, and death often is unpredictable. So don't put off to tomorrow what needs done or said today.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  3. I don’t really celebrate V. Day and haven’t in many years. Some years if my daughter has the money she’ll take we me out eat. As fas flowers go it’s been over 40 years since anyone has given me any. I don’t have a favorite movie because I don’t wathTV or go the movies rarely.
    I love your ideas though! I do get my daughter a little something for V.Day. And, I make and send cards to a couple special friends.

  4. I agree, Valentines is a day of love, no matter who you share it with. My husband is not romantic so if I want flowers or chocolate I have to buy it myself. That’s OK because he has taken great care of me this past year while I was recovering from a devastating auto accident. Twelve weeks on complete bed rest because of a broken pelvis (which included him having to do bed pan duty all hours of the day and night). He looked at me during one of those times and said, “this is true love!”.

  5. Some wine and steaks and the Notebook.

  6. no plans, the Notebook

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  7. No plans really, before Covid, one Valentine's Day I arranged for all the singles at our church to get together. We went to a Chinese Buffet place and there were about 16 of us. To make it different I gave everyone including myself, half an hour once they had their food to talk and just relax. After 30 minutes I had two people from each table switch to another table, until everyone had a chance to socialize it was a hit.

  8. No particular plans for me on Valentine's Day. I celebrate love all year round.

    THE PRINCESS BRIDE is a favorite of mine too.


  9. Thanks, Sharon, for you words of wisdom regarding real love starts with loving the Lord; besides all the other things we can all value, namely, good health, the way God provides for us, for loved ones, friends, church family, hobbies, Christian hymns and encouragement from others. Thanks so much for this opportunity to enter this special giveaway! Would love to win a print copy of any of your newest books! God bless! Lual Krautter, Baptist pastor's wife and missionary in Deer Lodge, MT Email: krautter62520AToutlookDOTcom

  10. I love "The Princess Bride!"

    As a parent of teens, especially with Valentine's falling on a weekend, we spend the day together. We'll have a fun brunch and then we'll probably play games and watch something together. When it's safe, we typically split up the kids and go out for one-on-one "dates," but we'll skip that this year.

    amybradsher at gmail dot com

  11. My daughter has nicknamed Valentine's Day "SAD". Singles Awareness Day. She's single, wondering where the single Christian men her age are hanging out. I'm single again, and I'm wondering the same thing! I actually think we "singles" need our own day.

    1. I like SAD. this is a good way to have a sense of humor about things

  12. I’ll fix dinner and dessert for my husband and my mom as I’m here full time caregiver. I love The Notebook.

  13. We don't have any special plans. I also like The Princess Bride.

  14. We will have dinner at home, like every night since the pandemic started, lol. My favorite romantic movie is Ghost.

  15. My favorite movies are The Princess Bride and The Man From Snow River. I will show some extra love to my family and friends. Like sending messages and cards and just saying how much I appreciate them. racheltirzah(at)gmail(dot)com