Wednesday, December 14, 2016


by E.E.Kennedy

It was Christmas, and I wanted to be sure that our three-year-year old daughter understood what it was all about, so I bought an inexpensive crèche scene with little plastic figures that couldn't be broken if she wanted to handle them.

I warned her firmly that these were special figures, however, not toys to ride around in plastic cars or swing in the miniature Fisher-Price playground.

The Baby Jesus could be snapped out of the manger like a pop-it bead, but, while she was allowed to touch Him, He should always remain in the little stable house. She seemed to understand.

One day while Laurie was napping, I glanced at the crèche and noticed that Baby Jesus was missing from the manger.

Oh, no, I thought, He's probably tangled in the bottom of one of her plastic toy tubs, or encased in Play-doh, a fate shared by other tiny dolls. My effort to teach Laurie some reverence had been a failure.

When she approached the crèche later that day, I said, a little sternly, "I'm going to have to put it away. The Baby Jesus is lost."

"No He's not, Mommy," my little girl said. She pointed a tiny finger to the Mary figure, who stood with her arms adoringly outstretched. There, somewhat precariously balanced in His mother's arms, was Baby Jesus.

My daughter had understood where a baby belonged, even a baby who was God. Jesus was a person, who felt pain, need, hunger, and longed for loving arms, like every other human child. That’s how He understands what we go through in life, because He has been there, too.
Galatians 4:4 "But when the time had fully come, God sent His Son, born of a woman, born under law."


  1. Ellen, what a great story with a wonderful lesson. Very appropriate for the season--especially since tinsel and gifts seem to have overridden the real meaning of the event we celebrate. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful, Ellen. A terrific story with a meaning to touch everyone's heart.

  3. Ellen, I love the story! Such a great memory! Your daughter sure did know where Baby Jesus was supposed to be. He needed love and care, too! She did learn what you trying to teach her. I love the Play-Doh image! I could picture it from when my daughter was little!

  4. Wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing. I thought maybe she had been napping with baby Jesus.

  5. I always hid our baby Jesus until Christmas morning. My small son asked where he was and I told him Jesus is born on Christmas Day and will appear then. That Christmas morning the first thing he looked for when he came downstairs was Jesus! He got married over a year ago and last Christmas I gave him and his bride that set for their home.

  6. what a beautifull story.

  7. Through the eyes of a child! Truth!

  8. Fantastic story. What a lesson to teach! Have you posted this before? I thought I read it somewhere. Or maybe someone stole it from you? Christmas blessings!