Thursday, February 25, 2016


This week Kim asks: "Of all the characters you’ve created, do you have a favorite? Why?"  

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It's always either the hero or heroine of my current manuscript in progress, because as I'm writing, this person is facing emotional struggles and trying to move forward--with ultimately takes courage and strength.  And along the way,he or she  is also coming to terms with faith issues and the realization that they were never truly alone--they just didn't understand that God was with them.  The process  of struggle and growth fascinates me.

Roxanne Rustand

I suppose I love my first wacky batch of characters from my very first mystery series...Trouble Up Finny's Nose. That first book is always the book of your heart, and I see a lot of myself in the protagonist, Ruth Budge.

 Dana Mentink

My favorite character was a young Amish schoolteacher in A Marriage for Meghan.

Meghan was thrown into a classroom situation with students who were bigger than her and almost as old.

Although I'd had 4 years of college and student teacher training, I felt unprepared for my first year teaching eighth grade math. I had nightmares for years of my confrontation with thugs during a cafeteria study hall. The veteran teacher had ducked down the hall for a cup of coffee.

Mary Ellis

I have several favorite characters, but Vern Thomas--the taxi-driving, smart-mouthed grad student with a heart of gold--has a special place in my heart. (My sister-in-law swears he's based on my nephew, John. I didn't know that until she pointed it out.) In my
first book, he was only supposed to drive my main character Amelia from one place to another, but he sort of refused to fade into the background. In subsequent books, he's become a pivotal character. I've given him a girlfriend, an alcoholic father and an insatiable curiosity and I've gotten him into some pretty bad trouble on occasion. Amelia and I both love Vern. 

E.E. Kennedy

Funny how both Doc Mabry and Cynthia went with their first characters. Mine isn't my first, but she is definitely the one I've spent the most time with. 

My favorite is actually the second main character I wrote. Cat McPherson, from my upcoming romantic suspense COUNTER POINT, is a sassy, Texas redhead, dealing with the loss of everything she's held dear. Yet with spunk and determination, along with more than her share of clumsiness, she pushes through insurmountable obstacles to keep hold of her dreams.

Marji Laine

I think my favorite would have to be Summer Meadows, the
heroine of my Summer Meadows mystery collection. She's crazy, quirky, and got me started on this roller-coaster ride called writing.

 Cynthia Hickey (Melton)

My favorite character is one who still lives on my hard drive, although he appears to be coming to life in a novella I’m writing. Dr. Ben Merritt was the main character in my initial attempt to write fiction. He was a failed baseball player who thought he might have a second chance to make it in “the show.” Unfortunately—or possibly quite fortunately—no editor thought his story was good enough to merit a contract. I’ve learned a good bit in the intervening years, so maybe I can resurrect his tale.

Richard Mabry

This was an interesting question. For some reason, I feel like if I pick a “favorite” character, I’m betraying my other characters.
LOL! There is one that stands out though. I really loved Hilde Higgins. They protagonist in my “Curl Up and Dye” series. Beautician for the newly departed, Hilde had guts. I miss her.

Nancy Mehl


  1. Are the settings for your novels real places or ones you've made up? If they're real, do you visit them before you write about them or just research them?

  2. You each have interesting characters that you like. They are all so different.

  3. I would have thought all of you would have picked a character from your first books. Thanks for sharing.