Thursday, January 7, 2016


Thursday brings us answers to another question. We asked the Suspense Sisters: What’s ahead for 2016? What books can our readers look forward to? Read our responses, and leave a question in our comments section. We may pick your question to answer in an upcoming column. You could win books or Amazon gift cards! Today, someone will win a copy of Dr. Richard Mabry’s book, MIRACLE DRUG! (Be sure to leave your contact information. You can’t win if we can’t find you!)

I'll have a new Romantic Suspense releasing the end of this month, called Ripped in Red (Book 1 in The Pretty Must Dieseries), then in February, I'll have the first in a new cozy series, Beware the Orchids releasing. I plan to put out eight 50,000 word books this year and a couple of novellas. It will be busy for sure!

Cynthia Hickey


This year, my first full-length novel, Dust Devil, will release. I'll also complete my Grime Fighter series with Grime Spree (laterthis month) and a fourth and final episode in early June. If things work out the way I plan, or close to that, I'll also begin a brand new novella series - D-Street Mysteries. I can't wait to dig into that project as I'm finishing up my current stories!

Marji Laine

My next novel, Medical Judgment, will be released by Abingdon Press in May. I’m doing the final edits on my next novel, Cardiac Event, but details on its publication (the whoand when) aren’t yet available. Meanwhile, my posts at Suspense Sisters will be sort of like the plays run by the Dallas Cowboys—absolutely unpredictable and sometimes the cause for head-scratching.

Richard Mabry

This year sees the release of the fourth Miss Prentice Cozy mystery, Incomplete Sentence, on February 1. (This mysterytiptoes along the line between "cozy" and "thriller!") I'm also working on number five, The Village Idiom, for next year. Stay tuned!

Ellen Kennedy

What’s ahead in 2016 for Writer Mentink? Plenty! I’ve got the second book in the Pacific Coast Investigations series comingand a K-9 continuity series with some other amazing Love Inspired authors. I’m super excited to report that in April my first book with Harvest House comes out. It’s a lighthearted, dog themed series the first of which is entitled Sit, Stay, Love.

Dana Mentink

I’ll have a least two Amish cozy mysteries this year with Guideposts. And in November, the beginning of a brand new
series! The first book, FATAL FROST, is the first book in my U.S. Marshals series. I’m very excited about it.

The Suspense Sisters will have lots of exciting things this year. Interviews, contests, and great articles.

The rest of the year will be spent watching over Richard Mabry. He’s a handful. Sigh.

Nancy Mehl


  1. Just wanted to say, you're all hilarious! I'll have to come up with some questions another time. Thanks. Already read Miracle Drug & loved it, so won't be entering this time. Have a blessed day!

  2. Who or where do you find your inspiration for your books and blogs? I'm looking forward to some great reads with all the upcoming releases. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Do you ever bounce ideas for your books off each other or other writers or are you all complete solo writers?

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

  4. All of you are going to be extremely busy in 2016 but I specifically want to ask Cynthia about her goals. Eight novels containing 400,000 words plus 2 novellas equals a lot of writing. I am hoping you plan to give yourself some me time so how many words per day do you plan to write?

  5. What inspired each of you to choose writing as a career? What would you be doing if you weren't writing for a living?


  6. It's so fun to read about all your awesome new treasures being released. I have 1 book releasing this year, the fourth in my Berdie Elliott series, plus a collaboration. And I think I'm busy. Wow. May 2016 bring rich blessings for you. Cheers

  7. How did you determine what name to write under?

    psalm103and138 at gmail dot com