Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Memories

As I write this post I’m getting ready to start cooking the big meal for tomorrow. Usually, I’m cooking for the family at my parents’ home but this year we live too far to go back for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. So I have to make the day wonderful for my small family and create those memories for my boys here at home. Doesn’t matter that I’m fighting a virus. 

Momma still has to work. (I know you can relate!)

Today I’ll make several pies—pumpkin and cherry for starters—and then work on the casseroles. Cornbread dressing, cheesy broccoli and rice, and green bean casserole. I’m skipping a potato casserole I usually make. Turns out that my mom is making that, but she’s not making the rice and broccoli. So I guess we can make the casseroles for each other.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll set out the rolls to thaw and rise and tend to the details while I let my husband cook a turkey and a ham. Once those are done, we’ll warm up the casseroles.

Last night I unboxed my grandmother’s china. She died at 91 a couple of years ago, and 
I somehow I got her china.

So when I pulled the dishes out and set them on the table—the memories came rushing back. The last time I ate on these dishes I was at her home. She served a large family a Thanksgiving dinner and everything was always perfect. She made the absolute best cornbread dressing, and I’ll be using her recipe too.

I hope the memories I create tomorrow will live long in my children, and hopefully, they’ll bring their children “home” to eat on these dishes and with their grandparents.

Praying you have a blessed Thanksgiving! And may the memories you create live on!



  1. Beth, I'm sure you're not the only one who experiences a flood of memories as the holiday progresses. Blessings on you and your family, and on all the readers of this blog. May you have a wonderful, meaningful holiday.

  2. Praying you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Beth! Hugs.