Wednesday, May 13, 2015

GONE MISSING by Camy Tang and the TV show Supernatural

Camy here! I admit that my husband, Captain Caffeine, and I really like the TV show Supernatural. We started watching the episodes from season 1 on syndication on cable TV and just got completely hooked. (We are actually saving the episodes from season 10 to watch together in a binge Supernatural marathon at some point when we have more time.)

So while I was writing my romantic suspense, Gone Missing, I admit I might have been a little bit influenced by Supernatural. Those of you who have read my blog already know that I completely suck at coming up with character names. I was staring at my computer, trying to find a name for a minor character, when I had the brain
fartbreakthrough to use the names of the characters from Supernatural.


At last count, there are about 33 references to Supernatural in Gone Missing, although a couple are a bit vague since my main purpose was just to find names for my minor character, not to reference the actual storylines or characters from the TV show.

So for those of you who like the show, I hope you’ll pick up Gone Missing to see if you can find all the Supernatural references!

I’m also still giving away 3 copies of Gone Missing! Be sure to enter to win!


  1. Sounds like a good book. Please put me in the drawing to win one! Captain Caffeine, huh? He must drink an awful lot of coffee. I really don't watch Supernatural, but I did watch one whole episode once where a witch and a warlock (a married couple) were fighting a lot and probably used their supernatural powers on each other. Charisma Carpenter guest-starred as the female witch. It was a good episode. My favorite paranormal show is Sleepy Hollow.


    1. Thanks Michelle! Be sure to fill out the form at the link to enter to win.

      My husband and I keep telling ourselves we'd like to see Sleepy Hollow! We didn't watch it from the beginning so we're hoping to do that via Netflix or online somewhere so we can start from the pilot episode.