Monday, November 4, 2013

Ideas and themes and topics, oh my!

Recently I was doing some research for a new book and came across an article that made me flinch when I read it. I was actually researching law enforcement and terror threats. What I found was that some extremists are actually considering surgically implanting bombs in their stomach cavities and then detonating them when they are inside the building or near their target. Yes, it’s depraved, yes, it goes to show you how demented some people are. And how committed to a cause—a lie—some people can be. And how deceived these poor souls are. It breaks my heart.

And yet, I couldn’t help wondering, could I create a story around that? Of course I could.

Could I use that to somehow insert a theme of forgiveness so that characters and readers could see God at work? Of course.

So I started to think. (I know, scary, right?)

But I started to realize that good CAN come from bad. God shows us that over and over. With Joseph’s kidnapping to Jonah’s disobedience. Good came from those things. God was able to use jealousy and disobedience to bring about his sovereign plan.

Do you have a circumstance where all looked lost, yet you saw God working in the end?

If you write, how do you get your ideas for your stories?

If you’re reader, what are some things i.e. topics, themes, etc, that you like to read about?


  1. That kind of research IS scary, but what great writing material it provides where a happy ending is possible :) Love the theme of forgiveness and how good can come from bad, that kind of transformation makes a GREAT story!

    There are a few circumstances I'm seeing where certain things look lost (or utterly impossible to fix), but God is constantly reassuring me that He is completely in control and His plan is MUCH bigger than my plans matter what the circumstances look like, I know He is worthy to be praised (and it's fun to be in praise mode)!

    I get my ideas when in the bathroom or when driving around running errands, ALWAYS at unexpected moments. Now I'm playing praise and worship before going to sleep and fresh ideas pop up there also! As a reader, love to see people transformed (Edmund from Narnia is one of my fave examples). The most important thing is to write what's on your heart :)

    Looking forward to reading more of your books, Lynette, hugs and blessings!!

  2. I always enjoy law enforcement storylines, or medical ones or fire fighters ones! I think the storylines are endless in those! I also enjoy very much when there are tough guys that have to deal with precious children, especially babies! Perhaps a loner guy (like a Navy seal or a tough cowboy) who is suddenly in a situation where he has to either be a caretaker for a baby or help a mom & baby OR deal with an injured mom & take care of a baby! Fun, fun, fun!