Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Suspense and Pet Peeves

Hi all, Lynette Eason here...

I’ve started watching a new series called Zero Hour. It was cancelled after three episodes, but they filmed ten more so at least I’ll get to watch it to the conclusion. DiAnn Mills told me about the show and of course I had to check it out. There are a lot of things I like about it.

*The characters – why? Because they’re real. Maybe not great actors, but I like the characters. Their motivations are sharp and clear. I have no trouble understanding what they want. Hank wants to rescue his wife. The FBI agent (forgot her name, sorry) wants to kill the man responsible for blowing up the plane that her husband was on.  Vincent wants the 12 clocks. And so on.

*The plot – It moves. There’s never a dull moment. There is action, there’s the psychological tortures (lol) of wondering what’s going to happen next. I love the idea of a treasure hunt.

*The flashbacks are well done- They move the story along and help you understand what’s happening in the present.

*The villain – he’s truly evil and yet when his captive pulls a bullet out of his back, he thanks her.

What I don’t like about it.

*Some of the character’s actions are stupid. I don’t like stupid characters. In one of the first scenes of the show, someone is breaking into Laila’s store (Hank’s wife) and she doesn’t dial 911, she calls her husband. Dumb, dumb, dumb. But that’s not the fault of the actress, that’s poor writing. I get it, they had to get the husband to the store, but the writer should have come up with a better way. Like have them on the phone talking and THEN the intruder try to get in. He would over hear this and THEN shout at his co-workers to call the cops as he races out of the office to his wife. I mean, such a simple thing. And so much more believable.

*I don’t like that it warps scripture. But it’s not a Christian television show, so I should take that into account if I’m going to watch it.

*Everyone remembers stuff or sees something that triggers just the right clue that leads to exactly what they need it to lead to. Not necessarily predictable, but…lazy.

So, I’ve listed a few of my pet peeves as a reader/watcher and as a writer. And I've listed things I like?

What about you? Pet peeves and likes? Looking forward to hearing wheat you have to say.

Have a blessed day!



  1. Women who think they're stronger than they are and won't stay put when told. That really irks me.
    Women who are whiny weaklings (I know, I'm contradicting myself.
    When the "couple" spend the whole time second guessing each others motives, assume they know what the other is thinking, or simply decide they won't trust, forgive or move on. (I'm hard to please it seems)
    I JUST finished "When a Secret Kills" today and found no such complaints. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it.

    1. Hi Lynn, so glad you loved the book. And VERY glad there wasn't any of that stuff to prick your pet peeves. LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOL, Lynette, I told you it would be addictive. Although it's not a Christian show, I do appreciate the truths that a few of the characters hold dear.

    Pet Peeves! The perfect hero and heroine. Boring.

    1. Yes ma'am! I really like the show. I'm just disappointed it was cancelled. Boo hiss on that. LOL. And yes, nothing worse that perfect characters. I AGREE!

  3. I haven't seen Zero Hour, but I have watched a few episodes of Longmire. This week's episode hit one of my pet peeves about crime shows. Longmire is a sheriff being investigated for murder by a detective from Denver. While interviewing Longmire, the detective takes a bag from his pocket and shows him evidence they found. Basically, he broke the chain of evidence. There's no way that detective can prove he didn't tamper with or plant the evidence. Dumb writing mistake.

    1. I feel your pain, Henry...sigh...thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi, Lynette.
    I've never watched the show, but I agree with you on what shows lack for story line and clues usually is lazy and dumb.
    It's hard to find any modern day tv shows that are clean enough to watch and get good story plots
    Hey have you ever watched the old tv show called CHECKMATE. Good plots most of the time.

    Shelby Z.

    1. Hi Shelby, I've not seen Checkmate. Will have to find it after I finish Zero Hour. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Pet peeve gratuitous violence, especially to cover up a boring story.

    Like - fast paced, page turner. Also, when an author can make me care about a character whose actions I don't like.

  6. Pet peeve about writing -- when you're reading a historical novel, say from 1700's, and the author writes "she had home-made cornbread for supper". What else kind of cornbread would they have then? This kind of thing jars me out of the story.

    2nd pet peeve: when it seems the author has collected metaphors all her life and is now just weaving them together with plot and character development non-existent.

    Likes: When I get so involved in the story and the characters that I don't even think about the writing (or acting) until the book or show is finished.

  7. Hi Crice, GREAT thoughts. I'm with you 100%. :) Thanks for sharing!