Monday, July 22, 2013

Why I Write Issue Driven Books by Margaret Daley

Why I Write Issue Driven Books
By Margaret Daley

When I can connect with that passionate side of me, I get excited about the story. That's why issue driven books can be important to a writer. That passion is conveyed to the reader, adding a spark to the story. I used that to write the four books in the Men of the Texas Rangers Series (romantic suspense series).

In Saving Hope, my first book in the series, I got caught up in the research of human trafficking in the United States. It ignited my passion to write a story that would highlight the issue and how extensive it was in our country.

For my second book--Shattered Silence--I had a framework for the story. But something was missing for me in the story. I needed an issue I was passionate about. As a teacher I'd always been concerned with bullying in the schools. I took it a step further and showed it also in other situations--workplace and a marriage.

My third book--Scorned Justice--is about revenge and the lengths people go for revenge. This isn't a social issue, but it's a unifying theme to help me build my story upon. A lot of things are done for revenge because a person can't forgive.

When I heard of a friend who was addicted to prescription drugs talk about the experience, it became the theme for my fourth book--Severed Trust. It started with a painful affliction that he couldn't control without heavy-duty pain medication. It helped with the pain but left him addicted to painkillers. Certain prescription drugs can be as additive as illegal drugs like heroin or cocaine. My passion was sparked yet again.

What are some issues you like to read about or feel passionate about?


  1. i have not read any of your books yet, as your a new author to me, so i wouls love to win this giveaway
    Shirley B

  2. Really have enjoyed all of your books! looking forward to.reading your newest book! You a great author ! God bless!