Friday, June 28, 2013

Spotlight on Elizabeth Goddard

Elizabeth Goddard is an award-winning author with well over a dozen romance and romantic suspense novels, including the romantic mystery, The Camera Never Lies—winner of the prestigious Carol Award in 2011. After acquiring her computer science degree, she worked at a software firm before eventually retiring to raise her four children and become a professional writer. A member of several writing organizations, she judges numerous contests and mentors new writers. In addition to writing, she home schools her children and serves with her husband as he pastors a church in Louisiana.

Suspense Sisters welcomes our own Elizabeth Goddard for a short interview and then a spotlight on the five books she has releasing this year. 

SS: Wow five books. Tell us how that came about.  

BG: Through a lot of blood, sweat, and tears! I'm sure any one of the suspense sisters will tell you writing on double deadlines is killer. This time last year I signed a two book contract with Love Inspired Suspense and then a three book contract with Heartsong now under Harlequin. In addition, three books that I wrote in 2009, Disarming Andi, Exposing Amber, and Praying for Rayne, have been repackaged into North Dakota Weddings, which I've already mentioned on the blog. 

SS: Sounds like you work hard, but what do you do for fun?

BG: Ha! I haven't had any leisure time this past year because of my writing deadlines and because I home school my three sons. This year has been the hardest. But school is out now and I only have one book left to turn in and that's not until October. I've been so relieved and excited to have some extra time so I've spent it catching up on books I've wanted to read by some of my favorite authors. As for other things I do for fun, I love finding new and healthy recipes and cooking for my family. Can't tell you how much I enjoy finding delicious ways to serve them healthy meals. I know. I sound like a commercial. Crazy, right? I have all these new cookbooks I've wanted to try, so try them I am. Also, I've taken on training for a half-marathon with my son. He's in his early teens so it's nothing for him, but I'm an overweight fifty-year old woman. I admit, I love the challenge and things are going better than I could have imagined. I'm up to twenty miles a week. It's a miracle. And yes, in case you want to know, it IS fun. I've gotten the runner's high and entered "the zone" and even hit "the wall." Those are terms I just learned! 

SS: What are your plans for the future, writing-wise?

BG: I'm taking a short and much-deserved break from writing, that is, after I turn in another proposal. There's a waiting period to hear back on the proposal, and I'll work on my book that's due in October. I'm hoping to continue to write for Love Inspired Suspense for years to come. I love romantic suspense and adventures stories. I might try to sell a historical series, and I'm definitely hoping to sell to one of the trade houses. I have several possible ideas in mind--one is set in the south and one in the Pacific Northwest, which I love. If you've noticed, I set a lot of stories there. I live in the south now, grew up here, but it's hot and I like for my mind to be in cool places. 

SS: Tell us about your books releasing this year. 

BG: In addition to North Dakota Weddings, which I've already mentioned, Riptide releases on July 1st. If you're a fan, you can help me by buying that book on that day, if you plan to make your purchase via Amazon. Then in September, Love in the Air, releases. This is my hot-air balloon story set at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta--I enjoyed writing this and I'm so excited to see it published. In December, I have two more books releasing, Love on the Slopes, the second in my New Mexico series for Heartsong, and Wilderness Peril, another Love Inspired Suspense--the last book in my learjet repo man series (an unofficial title). Next spring, and I know we're only talking about this year, but I wanted to mention the third book in my NM series--Love in the Wind releases. I have book covers for three of the five books, so far.

Treasure Hunt

Two surprises await high-stakes repo man Jake Jacobson on his latest job. First, old flame Kelsey Chambers. Second, gunfire! Seizing the luxury yacht should have been easy, but he hadn't planned on Kelsey's appearance. Or that smugglers would hijack the vessel to find an antique map hidden on board. The map is Jake and Kelsey's only leverage. . .but it carries a price. Without it, they're as good as dead. With it, they're the target of a relentless hunt. Their failed relationship has Kelsey afraid to rely on Jake again. Can she count on him with their lives on the line? 

True life threatens true love in three contemporary romances from North Dakota. Andi is remodeling a decommissioned missile site and searching for a treasure hidden within. Can she detonate her feelings for the owner when romance gets in the way? Amber is excited to be a new summer intern for the Harrington museum and Dr. Brandon Selman. It's the opportunity she needs to determine her future, but will past secrets be her undoing? Rayne's job designing magnificent fountains for FountainTech is a dream come true until charges of corporate espionage swirl. Is it the end of her dream. . .and love?

He was Nikki Alexander's first crush--until his stunts in a hot-air-balloon race led to a family tragedy. Then he disappeared, leaving her brokenhearted. Now he's back and stirring up all her emotions.
Blaming himself for her brother's death, Kyle stayed away. But now Nikki's in trouble. And he knows he must step in to make it right. He'll help save her balloon business. . .and prove this time he's here to stay. But first he must win her forgiveness before he can win her heart. 



Run off the road and left for dead, Shay Ridiker's only hope for surviving the frozen claws of the wilderness is pilot Rick Savage. The beautiful airplane mechanic came to Alaska expecting a routine repo, but a missing coworker and a cripple plane are just the tip of the iceberg. Now held captive by ruthless killers at a derelict gold nine, Shay needs Rick's protection more than ever. But Rick has shadows that follow him into the land of the midnight sun. With gunmen at their backs, can he be all Shay needs--a haven. . .and a hero?

I'll be sure to post the Love in the Wind cover and blurb when they're available.

SS: Any parting words? 

BG: I thank God every day for my blessings and I feel especially blessed to be a professional writer, to be able to write stories that glorify Him. Thanks so much for the chance to participate in this blog, and for this interview spotlight. 


  1. Hi Elizabeth, looks like some good reading here in your books, I have not read your stories and regret that is so, I love to find new authors and check out there books..
    I am sure you are a busy woman being a pastor's wife. thanks for sharing
    Paula O(

  2. Thanks for your comment Paula! Definitely busy, but God is good. I hope you have a chance to read one of my books at some point!