Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Hot new inspy suspense for those chilly fall days!

Presto Omnishops Corporation in Virginia is one of America’s largest retailers. In Dhaka, Bangladesh a garment factory that burns to the ground. A teenage girl found on the ground after a fall from the multi story building. Over her mouth is a mask of fabric with the label Presto Omnishops Corporation. Cameron Alexander, the company's general counsel, watches the media coverage on the news in horror from his office in the United States. Due to controversy about sweatshops, labor rights, and the ethics of globalization, he wants to try to contain the potential damaging story as much as possible.

A year later, in Washington, D.C., Joshua Griswold, a disgraced former journalist from the Washington Post, receives an anonymous summons from a corporate whistleblower who offers him confidential information about Presto and the fire. He jumps at the chance to salvage his reputation and builds a historic case against Presto.


  1. It was an interesting book. I’ve enjoyed Tears of Dark Waters, as well, by the same author. Each of the book addresses a social injustice/dilemma in a very personal light. It’s not your “typical” Christian novel but nonetheless thought-provoking and inspirational.