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Dr. Richard Mabry is a retired physician, now writing “medical suspense with heart.” His previous novels have garnered critical acclaim and been recognized by programs including the ACFW’s Carol Award, the Romantic Times’ Inspirational Book of the Year, the Inspirational Readers Choice, and the Selah Award. He is a proud member of the ACFW, the International Thriller Writers, and the FHL chapter of the RWA. Medical Judgment is his tenth published novel.

You can learn more about him by checking out his website, his blog, his Facebook fan page and/or his Twitter page.


You’ve only been a contributor to Suspense Sisters for a few months. Will you tell us a little about yourself?

I’ve lived in Texas since birth with the exception of three years overseas in the Air Force. I was in the solo practice of ENT (ear, nose, throat) for 26 years, a professor at the UT Southwestern Medical Center for 10 years, and have been retired from medicine since 2002.

I started writing after the death of my first wife in 1999, eventually producing a book, The Tender Scar: Life After The Death Of A Spouse, published by Kregel in 2006 and still in print. At the Christian writing conference I attended while trying to learn more about writing, two or three of the faculty members encouraged me to try my hand at fiction. It took four years, four novels, and forty rejections before I got my first fiction contract.

How many books have you produced, and which one was the toughest to write?

Counting my current book, I’ve had ten novels of medical suspense published, as well as two novellas. But the hardest book to write wasn’t one of these. It was The Tender Scar. Even now, when I read some of the chapters I cry.

Are you a “plotter” or a “pantser?”

The latter, I guess. Unlike the “plotters” among authors, when I start writing a novel, I have no idea who the bad person will turn out to be. As Donald Westlake, who called this “push fiction,” said: “If I don’t know what comes next, how can the reader guess it?”

What’s your writing routine? Where do you like to write? Starbucks? On your back porch?

I have a small (I mean, really small) office at home. After coffee and the news, I have breakfast, then go in and check email, read blogs, and try to get to work writing. And in case anyone is curious, no, I don’t write every day or have a word quota. Sometimes life gets in the way. But I always seem to make my deadlines.

What do you think is the best and/or worst part about being a writer?

I think it’s true—writers don’t enjoy writing, they enjoy having written. I love the sense of accomplishment when I finish each stage of the novel, and especially after I wind up the whole thing. On the other hand, while I’m writing I hate it when I get to a particularly tough spot and wonder how my character is going to get out of it.

Can you tell us about your new novel?

My next novel, Medical Judgment, is scheduled to release May 19. Here’s the back cover copy:

Someone is after Dr. Sarah Gordon. They’ve stalked her, then set a fire at her home, and she has no idea what will come next. Her late husband’s best friend and a recovering alcoholic detective are
trying to solve the mystery before it’s too late, but both appear to be vying for her affection as well. Sarah finds herself in constant fear as the process plays out. The questions keep mounting. Who is doing this? Why are they after her? What will they do to her? Will it mean her death? And, meanwhile, whom can she trust?

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  1. Thank you for letting us get to know you. I have enjoyed your books. Put my name in for the drawing. lill dot kohler at gmail dot com

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  3. Thanks for the information on how you became a writer. I truly enjoyed your book, Critical Condition, and would love a chance to win Medical Judgment. Dawn dot nicol at

  4. Dr. Mabry, I enjoyed learning more about you and I appreciated your statement that you don't always write everyday because "sometimes life gets in the way'. All of us are given just one life to live and some moments come only once!
    I wish you continued success!

  5. Nancy, thanks for letting me be on the "other side of the table" and giving this interview for Suspense Sisters. Hope the readers enjoyed hearing a bit more about me.

  6. Forty rejections??!! That's glad you kept plugging. Medical mysteries are some of my very favorites. That's for the chance to win!

  7. Thank you for a great review and giveaway opportunity. I always enjoy Dr. Mabry's books.

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

  8. Dr. Mabry, it is always great to read more about you. I love your books and have read them all to date and am anxious to read your newest. Thanks for the giveaway and keep up the great writing.
    jacsmi75 at gmail dot com

  9. Medical Judegement sounds like a great book,just all of your others!
    Martha T. at CRPrairie1(@)imonmaildotcom

  10. What a great interview! I enjoyed getting to learn more about you and your process, Dr. Mabry. Thanks for offering this giveaway! jerusha(at)SDGwords(dot)com

  11. I appreciate all the kind words. Thanks for leaving comments. And good luck to everyone--wish I could give away a dozen copies.

  12. Very interesting interview. I especially like the quote by Donald Westlake. Something to think about. Thank you so much for the giveaway. This book sounds like one I would enjoy.

  13. Great interview! So glad to get to know you a little better. I had never read any of your books until Ellen Edwards Kennedy mentioned you a few months ago. The I have read were great! I was kept in suspense through each book. Sure would love to win your book!

  14. Thank you so much for giving this interview.. It is awesome to get to know the writers behind the books!!

  15. I've heard of his books before but don't own any. I'd like to try one.

  16. Continuing to enjoy reading the comments. Kay, I enjoyed Don Westlake's definition of "push" fiction--sounds so much nicer than "seat of the pants" writing.

  17. I love reading the interviews and getting to know a little bit about the authors! Medical suspense is one of my favorite kind of books to read. d[dot]brookmyer[at]yahoo[dot]com

  18. Thank you for this interview. I enjoyed learning more about Dr. Mabry. This sounds like a really good book.
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  19. The scavenger hunt was the first I heard about Dr. Mabry's books...they sound awesome...I would especially like to read "a Tender Scar"! thank you for the chance to win this new book!

  20. I have enjoyed reading books by Dr. Mabry for years! It is interesting to hear about how he got started! I would love to read his latest!

  21. I would love to win a kindle copy of this book. I have read almost all of Dr. Mabry's books and love all of them. my email is

  22. Thanks to everyone for the comments. Ronald, I'm offering a print copy--don't have access to the Kindle version. (Sorry). And Mary, in case you want to read The Tender Scar for the usual reason, you have my sympathies.

  23. Wonderful interview Richard! I knew a little bit about your writing career as I've read other posts where you've shared. I was also sorry to hear about your wife's passing. Even though it's been so many years, I'm sure it's still hard. I'm glad to hear you've written a book "The Tender Scar", maybe God can use (and probably has already) your story to touch others who've lost a spouse, such a good ministry opportunity!
    While I've not lost one, my husband lost his first wife in a one person car accident in 1995. God has opened many chances for him to minister to other people. Especially to those who have recently lost their spouses. They've mentioned how comforting it is to them to be able to talk or pray or even cry with him. God can use the ashes of our lives to bring new life to someone else :-)

    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of "Medical Judgement", it sounds like one I'd really enjoy. I do have two other books by you and your Christmas novella.

    teamob4 (at) gmail (dot) com

  24. Thanks for giving me a chance to win. How exciting!

  25. Sounds like a good read!