Thursday, June 11, 2015

Suspense Sisters Q&A: What was your favorite book to write and why?

All of us here at Suspense Sisters took a crack at this question: “What was your favorite book to write and why?”

Elizabeth Goddard: Treacherous Skies was my absolute favorite book to write. I had a to of fun on this adventure. I love the premise of a Learjet repo man having to grab a jet in a foreign country amidst gunfire and flying away, only to learn that the kidnapped daughter of a Columbian drug lord is on board! I took the idea from an actual Learjet repo man who started his multi-million dollar business in much the same way as my hero in this story.

Cynthia Hickey: They Call Her Mrs. Sheriff was my favorite to write because the heroine, while insecure, steps up and does what is necessary to provide for her family, despite prejudice.

E.E. Kennedy: My favorite book to write was Murder in the Past Tense. It was about summer stock musical theater, which is how I spent my summers as a teen. More of the book is taken from my own experiences than any other in the series. I also loved writing about my characters as teenagers.

Nancy Mehl: It's hard to pick a favorite book. I love each book for different reasons. And I really invest myself into each novel so picking one makes me feel as if I'm betraying the others! In my entire career, there's only one book I didn't enjoy writing. (But we won't talk about that.)

As far as just having fun, I have to mention my cozy mysteries, especially my Curl Up and Dye series. The second book, Bumping Off Binky, was a lot of fun. Writing about clowns was a hoot. I'm picking that as one of the most enjoyable books I've ever written.

Clowns, murder, and a hairdresser for funeral homes. How can you go wrong? LOL!

Dana Mentink: My favorite book to write was Jungle Fire because it's one of those edge of your seat, jungle adventure tales! Spiders and snakes and bad guys, oh my!

Camy Tang/Camille Elliot: This is hard to answer since I’m usually enamored with whatever book I’m writing at the time. However, if I think about it, probably my favorite book to write was A Dangerous Stage. I still got to write suspense, romance, and also humor, but I also tackled a really tough issue for me—talking about God to my close friends who are not Christian. Charles’s struggles in A Dangerous Stage hit home for me, and I hope his emotions come through to the reader, because they’re from my heart.

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