Monday, September 14, 2020


We’re planning another great week on the Suspense Sisters. Check out our posts, our interviews, and our awesome giveaways!


On Tuesday Mary Ellis will tell us What’s Hot in Inspirational Suspense and Mystery. 

Wednesday we’re interviewing private investigator turned author, Sally Jo Pitts. She’ll be giving away a copy of her book, AUTUMN VINDICATION.

A private investigator and amateur sleuth make an unexpected autumn discovery

Private Investigator Robert Grey, a former state agent with a tarnished reputation, and his intern Jane Carson arrive in Pine Bluff, Alabama. Initially working a voter fraud case, they find themselves in the middle of a homicide and their client, the local sheriff, is the prime suspect.

Challenged with finding a murderer and grappling with career doubts of their own, the PIs are pitted against Robert’s nemesis.

With a man’s life at stake, can this unlikely duo find vindication while untangling the mysterious maze of suspects and motives hidden within the colored cloak of autumn?

 Buy it here!

Friday, Suspense Sister Roxanne Rustand will write about how autumn means it’s time to switch gears. Summer is leaving and another season is upon us. She will be giving away a copy of her novella, THE MISTLETOE PUPPY!

Kate Larson works as a nurse at a clinic in Mistletoe Falls, a charming small town in northern Minnesota. She also established and manages the area’s only no-kill animal rescue, a cause dear to her warm and loving heart. After a series of romantic disappointments, she’s no longer interested in risking another. She has far more important things to focus on.

Brad Bailey is a former Minneapolis cop who recently moved north for his new job as a deputy. His wife died just before Christmas last year, and that grief is still too fresh to think about new relationships. He hopes Mistletoe Falls will be a place where Janie, his grieving six-year-old daughter, can grow up, and be part of a close-knit community. With few relatives left, he prays that this will happen.

Brad finds an abandoned golden retriever mix and her thirteen puppies, and brings them to the animal shelter, where he meets Kate, the pretty manager. Perhaps visiting the puppies will lift Janie’s spirits? Janie falls in love with the puppies and begs to adopt them all, but given the tiny rental cabin they’re in until Brad can find a home to buy, even one pup is impossible. There’s nothing else available, and the distant, surrounding towns would all mean a long commute. Mistletoe Falls is a perfect place to raise Janie, but will they need to move yet again?

Always ready to take in homeless or abused animals and to help anyone in need, Kate worries about Brad’s sad, motherless child, and invites them both for Thanksgiving dinner. Though neither has any interest in commitment, Kate and Brad’s friendship grows as she tries to help fill the void in Janie’s life. Can a litter of adorable puppies and a lonely little girl bring them together by Christmas?

Buy it here!

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