Tuesday, June 9, 2020


by Patricia Bradley

WONDERING WHAT'S NEW IN INSPIRATIONAL SUSPENSE AND MYSTERY THIS SUMMER? Susan Sleeman's latest released this month ~ DEAD EVEN! It's one you won't want to miss!

When she discovers her worst nightmare…

When Maya Glass—the Veritas Center’s toxicology/controlled substances expert—goes to check on her scientist friend after a cryptic phone message, Maya stumbles upon her worst nightmare. A deadly toxin has been released, her friend’s assistant has died in his secluded island lab, and her friend is missing. Worse yet, Maya is exposed to the deadly botulism toxin and she needs help. Fast. Problem is, the only person she can think of with the right contacts is her former love, FBI Agent Hunter Lane.

Will she let him help her or go it alone?
Maya sets out on a hunt to find her friend and Hunter warns the feisty and tantalizing Maya to back down. But when it becomes clear that he needs Maya to locate her missing friend and find the killer, Hunter knows they must work together to stop the killing spree before the killer gets even and ends Maya’s life.

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