Tuesday, November 12, 2019

What's Hot in Inspirational Suspense by Patricia Bradley

Wondering what's hot in inspirational suspense and mystery this week?

Check out Terri Blackstock's latest.

One father was murdered, and another convicted of his death. All because their children fell in love.

Fourteen years ago, Nate was in love with the preacher’s daughter. When Pastor Strickland discovered Brenna had defied him to sneak out with Nate, the fight between Strickland and Nate’s drunken dad was loud—and very public. 

Strickland was found murdered later that night, and everyone accused Roy Beckett. The events of that night set Brenna’s life on a bad course. She’s barely hanging on, and she’s turned to alcohol to cope. As they deal with the present—including new information about that fateful night and a wildfire that’s threatening their town—their past keeps igniting. 

Nate is the steady force Brenna has so desperately needed. But she’ll have to learn to trust him again first.

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  1. I enjoy reading Terri’s books! Thanks so much for the chance to win! Book sounds so good.
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