Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hot inspy suspense!

Tess O’Rourke is police commander of the East Division in Long Beach, California. She accidentally shoots an unarmed teenager while on a call to assist a fellow officer. Even though she was cleared of any wrong doing by a grand jury, she is hounded by the public and relocates 900 miles away. She takes a job as police chief in Oregon. There has never been a murder in the small town until the pastor’s wife goes missing and her cousin is found dead. Sheriff Deputy Steve Logan helps her in the search for the killer, but will she break her own rules by getting to close to someone she works with?


  1. Sounds very good and I do enjoy Janice Cantore's writing.

  2. Wow - this one sounds like it will be very hard not to finish in one sitting!!

  3. This one looks especially interesting! Thanks for the tantalizing blurb!