Wednesday, July 26, 2017

New Publishing Adventures by Elizabeth Goddard

My first book, Seasons of Love, released in December 2007. That means I've been writing novels for publication for ten years, well in December it will be ten years, that is! Of course, I started the journey to publication much earlier than that--2001 or so when I attended my first conference, American Christian Writers (ACW) in Austin, Texas. I remember buying a set of cassettes--"Ten Mistakes Novelists Make," by Steve Laube. That wasn't the exact title, but I can't remember it's been so long. I had no idea that years later Steve would become my agent.

The publishing industry has changed so much in ten years. Wouldn't you agree?

My first books released with Heartsong Presents, an imprint of Barbour Publishing. A few books and years later, Barbour sold the line to Harlequin and I wrote for Heartsong Harlequin. You can read more about that at my agent Steve Laube's blog if your'e interested. While writing for Heartsong, I also wrote for Barbour's novella collections, and I was able get my foot in the door at Harlequin's Love Inspired Suspense line. I've since been able to write four books a year for Love Inspired Suspense, and in the meantime I recently sold a trade book series to Revell, a division of Baker Publishing.

Where am I going with this? As I've already said, today I was just thinking that in December it will be ten years since I held my first book in my hands, but I also thought about how long it took for an editor to buy that first book. Now publishing has shifted so dramatically that traditionally published authors are also self-publishing or what we call "indie" or independent publishing, and many others are publishing on their own never giving traditional publishing a second thought.

With all the writing and deadlines I haven't had time to consider indie publishing until last year when I was invited to join a group of romantic suspense authors in a collection. I'm thrilled and honored to be part of this fabulous line-up from some big names in Christian fiction.

Is this awesome or what?

You definitely don't want to miss getting your hands on this collection! Targeted for Danger releases in September. For a limited time you can pre-order at a greatly discounted price of $2.99. Once it releases, the price goes up to $5.99.

Pre-order Targeted for Danger: Amazon, iBooks, Barnes&Noble, KOBO 

To read an excerpt of Double Exposure--my brand new romantic suspense novella in Targeted for Danger Click Here. 

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Sounds like a great book with awesome authors. Have mine pre-ordered!

    1. Thanks, Pat! I pre-ordered the collection you're in too. He he. :) Can't wait to read all these great books!

  2. Hi Larry. You're a new author to me but an old friend. I'm glad you're writing. Jerry and I take the RV out a lot. I hope you get to fulfill your dream of RVing.
    Blessings, Francine