Friday, October 7, 2016

Elizabeth Goddard's New Series and a Giveaway

Hello faithful readers!

Elizabeth Goddard here. I'm excited to share with you about my new Love Inspired Suspense series set in the Wild Rogue Wilderness. The series is called Wilderness, Inc., and the first book is titled, Targeted for Murder.

I'm giving away one copy of Targeted for Murder*. Be sure to leave a comment and your contact information to enter the drawing. 

After finishing up my six book Mountain Cove series, I was hard-pressed to come up with a new setting for a new series, a setting as wonderful and majestic as southeast Alaska.

Then I remembered the beautiful and scenic Wild Rogue Wilderness. I love a setting that's strong enough to be a character in my books, and some of the reviewers have said as much. That, along with commenting on the wild, page-turning ride they received in Targeted for Murder. 

Hanging Rock, Wild Rogue Wilderness**

I once lived on the Rogue River just at the edge of the wilderness region in southwest Oregon, and I enjoyed setting this series there. It brought back so many memories of the river and the canyon, the mountains and the beautiful, rocky Oregon coast. It's all breath-taking, really.

Then I threw in an unconventional hero. A wilderness survival trainer and guide who was a Green Beret in special forces. And my heroine is a talented artist with a dream. What else could I throw in to mix it all up? Well, I love a good spy story. How about you? And I decided it would be fun to mix things up even more and toss in spy-related assassin or two in the middle of the wilderness!

I don't want to give too much away. No, never that. I don't even read the back of the book if it gives too much away. Personally, I love to enjoy a story and I don't try to figure things out as I read anymore. Just let the story carry me away, which is what I hope you'll experience when you dive into this new adventure with me!

If you'd like to see some of the amazing, beautiful images of this region of the country, visit my Pinterest Targeted for Murder board. I usually build a board based on each book I'm writing. That way I can share it with readers as well as my editor and the book cover designers.

And here's more about Targeted for Murder.


With his dying breath, Hadley Mason's fatally shot father reveals he's a CIA agent…and a bounty has been placed on both their heads. Heeding his urgent warning to disappear and trust no one, Hadley flees into the Oregon wilderness, but she can't shake the string of hired killers on her trail. So when a fearless and too-handsome wilderness guide comes to her rescue, Hadley has no choice but to put her life in Cooper Wilde's hands. The former Green Beret vows to protect her, but beyond steep gorges and treacherous terrain, a ruthless man will stop at nothing to see her dead.
If you don't want to wait to see if you won, you can always BUY THE BOOK on AMAZON. Visit your local Walmart or other stores that sell Love Inspired Suspense. Yes, the book is available this month! Visit my website to see other purchasing options, or purchase directly from Harlequin.

Remember to leave you a comment below with your contact information to enter the drawing. I hope you'll join me on this new adventure!!

Elizabeth Goddard's Bio:

Elizabeth Goddard is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than twenty-five romance novels and counting, including the romantic mystery, THE CAMERA NEVER LIES--a 2011 Carol Award winner. She's a double finalist in the 2016 Daphne Du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense for her books BURIED and BACKFIRE in the Mountain Cove series, and a 2016 Carol Award finalist for SUBMERGED. A 7th generation Texan, Elizabeth graduated from North Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and worked in high-level software sales for several years before retiring to home school her children and fulfill her dreams of writing full-time. She currently makes her home in Michigan with her husband and children.

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Many blessings!

Fine Print. 
*One copy of Targeted for Murder either eBook or Print for U.S. winners. Ebook delivered directly to device only for winner outside of the U.S.
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