Monday, September 26, 2016


It’s another great week on the Suspense Sisters!

We’re excited to announce a new addition to the Suspense Sisters! Author Linda Kozar is joining us! You can learn more about Linda from her website. In the next few weeks she’ll be jumping in with posts and interviews. Welcome, Linda!

This week reviewer Sybil Bates McCormack reviews AGAINST THE TIDE by Melody Carlson. Sybil says: “Against the Tide isn’t the story of one woman’s fight against a nefarious,
cold-blooded villain. It’s the heartwarming, gut-clenching tale of two against the world, and the masterful Melody Carlson makes it well worth the read.” To see her complete review, go HERE

On Tuesday, Suspense Sister Dana Mentink will share What’s Hot in Inspirational Suspense and Mystery!

On Wednesday we’ll hear from Dana again! She’s sponsoring a Fall Trivia Contest and giving away a copy of her exciting book, ABDUCTED! 

Friday, Suspense Sister Mary Ellis is interviewing author Nancy Herriman who is giving away a copy of her book, NO PITY FOR THE DEAD, Book 2 of the Mystery of San Francisco series. Stop by and enter for a chance to win!

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The Suspense Sisters! We love books!


  1. Welcome Linda! I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

    1. Thank you Debbie! Sorry I missed your comment. Just found it:)

  2. The weather here in Ohio can be "weird". It can go up into the 70's or 80's. Sometimes the 90's! It gets hot and humid at times. It feels like summer. Some years we don't even't think I really have a favorite fall food unless you count home chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles. The book at my bedside is my Bible!