Monday, August 15, 2016


It’s another great week on the Suspense Sisters!

Sybil Bates McCormack reviews DISILLUSIONED by Christy Barritt. Sybil says: “In Disillusioned, author Christy Barritt delivers a measured, intriguing build to a fulfilling, well-considered climax and resolution. The twists and turns prove plausible, if unpredictable. Both the main and secondary characters are finely drawn, and the plot is so cleverly conceived the reader won’t be certain who to trust, if anyone, until the end. (What a great selection of potential bad guys.) There are even subtle touches of humor surrounding one character throughout, and his/her intermittent appearances prove endearing—if a mite unsettling. This one’s a winner. Don’t miss it!” Read her complete review HERE.

On Tuesday, Dana Mentink will share What’s Hot in
Inspirational Suspense and Mystery!

On Wednesday we’ll hear from Suspense Sister Roxanne Rustand.  


Friday, Suspense Sister Marji Laine interviews Dana Mentink! Don’t miss this great interview! Dana will be giving away two of her books, SEEK AND FIND and SEASIDE SECRETS! 

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