Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Getting into the groove...

Even after writing a number of novels, I often find myself looking at new (and old) books on the craft of writing during the brief lull between manuscripts. I grabbed some favorites from my shelf for the photo, when I started to write this post, but there are at least a hundred more on my shelves. Some are true treasures. The others have gone to the annual library book sale.  :)  I started to highlight good passages in Writing the Breakout Novel by Maass, but when I got to the end I realized the whole book was yellow!

There is a wealth of wonderful information and inspiration that can be found in just such books, in writing magazine articles, at workshops and conferences and in online classes. It's one of the many things I love about writing.  One never ceases to have the opportunity to learn more, to work on being better.  

That said, there are many writers who don't want to/need to seek out such resources  (which is sometimes contradictory)  and have developed their talent  to become instinctively stellar writers all on their own.

Sooooo....what camp are you in, as a writer, or a reader---do you prefer to find your own way, or are you one who enjoys looking for encouragement and information?

PS:  If you are a writer, I would love to hear about some of your favorite books on the writing craft!  :)

Roxanne Rustand


  1. Roxanne, I probably don't have as many books on writing on my shelves as you do, but I have a bunch. Of them all, the one I think is critical, especially for the beginning writer, is James Scott Bell's Plot and Structure. (And would the person to whom I last loaned that one please return it? I may have to buy another copy). Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love that book too--and all of James Scott Bell's books on writing. Chuckling here about that loaned copy of yours. I wish I could remember who borrowed my copy of Debra Dixon's GMC book. I think I've lost two copies of GMC that way!

  3. I'm not a writer, but I love Michelle Griep's book WRITER OFF THE LEASH. She informs and entertains.

  4. Chappydebbie---Now I want to read it! :)

    Thanks so much for mentioning it!

    1. My pleasure. You are in for a real treat, it's a great book.

    2. I bought it last night for my Kindle!