Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Giving by Elizabeth Goddard

Christmas comes much too fast for me. I put up my Christmas tree and get out the decorations the day after Thanksgiving, but Christmas arrives in a month or less. While I’m not a big fan of celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving, can we just move Christmas out some? Seriously, I’d like more time to enjoy the holiday and all the work I put into decorating my house.

I'd like to enjoy the spirit of giving longer, too. 

Since the Christmas season is only a month, it’s rush, rush, rush to make sure I've purchased all the gifts I need. I don't want to forget anyone! I know many people have been able to step away from the commercialization of the holiday, but I enjoy buying gifts with a certain freedom I don’t have any other time of the year. It’s a way of blessing others extravagantly, showing them love through a gift—which is our representation of God giving His gift of Love—His Son.  

Jesus is the reason for the season and it follows that giving to others is our way of celebrating Jesus.

Besides purchasing gifts, what other ways do you enjoy giving this season?

I pray you have a BLESSED CHRISTMAS!!!



  1. For the past few years, we've agreed to only buy gifts for the grandchildren and not the adults. Money is tight so this seemed logical. This year money is even tighter for me, so I will have to do some bargain shopping. Upside of this is that it doesn't take much to please small children.....they would be happy playing with a box. Besides, Jesus is the Reason for the, I try to instill that in my kids/grandkids. Blessings to you this Christmas season.

  2. Debbie, The same here. And if I see something wonderful that I know an adult would just love, I might get that too. This year, with my new knitting skills, I am hoping to finish several knitted gifts. Shhhhh.... :)

  3. My grandchildren and I like to shop for gifts for others, through Operation Christmas Child and Toys for Tots. They love picking out something that a child their age would enjoy. And I enjoy taking them to do this.