Monday, November 2, 2015


From Marji: 
I get to have the Suspense Sisters review page. Woohoo! And best of all, I'm reviewing a new release from one of our own Suspense Sisters, Dana Mentink! All I can say is this story had my thoughts wound up so tight, I might as well have been playing a game of Twister.

Check out all of my thoughts about Dangerous Tidings on the Suspense Sister review page!


On Tuesday, Dana Mentink will share What’s Hot in Inspirational Suspense and Mystery!

On Wednesday we’ll hear from Suspense Sister, Nancy Mehl!


Thursday brings us answers to another question submitted by you! This week’s winner is Bonnie Long Strappello! She asks: "Is there anything specific you do to help you come up with ideas for a new book or series?"

Bonnie has won a copy of Hidden Agenda by Lisa Harris!
If you have a question for us, leave it below. You might be our next winner! You could win a book by one of today’s top suspense/mystery writers – or a gift certificate to Amazon! (Questions submitted without contact information won’t be considered.)

Friday we’re talking about Nancy Mehl’s newest book, Rising

Darkness! Someone will win all three books in her Finding Sanctuary series!


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  1. What made you decide in the mystery/suspense genre?

  2. Why do you think suspense books with a Christian focus are gaining in popularity?