Wednesday, August 26, 2015


This week Gail H. asks:

I've read where some authors have characters that wake them up at night or interfere with daily life almost like they are real people.

Do any of you experience this? This idea really fascinates me, I guess because I'm not a writer, only a reader.

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I have had something of that sensation. Driving in downtown Dallas where a few of my books are set, I stared up at the balcony of a high-rise apartment, half expecting to see my hero come outside. LOL!

Marji Laine

My characters do seem real sometimes. I like to tell about when I needed advice about basketball and thought to myself as I went to sleep that night, “I know, I’ll ask Vern. He played basketball in high school. He’ll set me straight.”

The next morning, I awoke to realize that I was counting on one of my characters to help me!  

E.E. Kennedy

When I first began trying to write novels, my protagonist, Dr. Ben Merrick, became very real in my mind until Kay finally said, “You do know that Ben isn’t real, don’t you?” Since that time, I’ve invested myself less in the characters of my novels—but it took a “wake-up call” to change me.

Richard Mabry

My characters, or something in the plot, come to me while I'm doing mindless things, like playing a game on my kindle or phone or doing the dishes. My hands and part of my brain will be occupied, but the creative side has full reign!

 Cynthia Hickey (Melton)

I don’t know that any of my characters have disrupted my daily life, but I’ve found myself looking at a situation and wondering what one of them would do! Hopefully, it’s one of the good ones… LOL!

Nancy Mehl

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  1. It's fun to read about how you all deal with your characters!