Friday, May 15, 2015

Meet Joslyn, the heroine of GONE MISSING by Camy Tang

When I wrote Treacherous Intent, I found myself giving a lot of thought to my minor character, Joslyn, who was the victim in that book. Then for Gone Missing, I was able to extend her story so readers could find out what happened to her.

Joslyn has always been just “one of the guys.” She was from a poor background, so she was working at an electronics store in Los Angeles and putting herself through school in computer programming. She’s always been a bit tomboyish and shy, with not much experience with dating, so she was easily charmed by her ex-boyfriend, a captain in a Filipino gang, when he started paying attention to her. He spotted her at the electronics store where she worked, and he had been handsome, masculine, persistent in his pursuit of her. She has always been attracted to powerful men. She never had a lot of women friends, which made her more isolated when he started abusing her.

When she ran away to Oregon, she lost her baby and the woman she was working for helped her through that ordeal. The woman also talked a lot about Christ to her, and so Joslyn has been seeking Christ more and more. However, she wasn’t entirely happy in Oregon because she likes the city, books, technology.

She’s lost a lot and has gone through a grieving process after her father was murdered and she miscarried her baby. She had to leave school and her job to run away from her ex, so she has to start the school year all over again. At least she’s able to work for Liam and Elisabeth at their new skip-tracing agency rather than trying to find a new job.

However, the events of the months before shook her up pretty badly, and she’s determined to never be vulnerable again. She has trained in self-defense at a local gym and gotten her Conceal and Carry license for a firearm. She’s grateful to Liam and Elisabeth for saving her and for bringing her into their “family” in Sonoma after the loss of her father. She is a good team player and only wants their business to succeed.

She’s learned from Elisabeth that a woman can be a good friend, and strong as well.

She was very close to her father. He had a firm hand and control over the family since their mother was dead (died when she was a baby). He was protective of her and kept her inside a lot as a child so she retreated to her books and computer. So seeing her father killed by the Filipino gang was devastating for her. She feels responsible for his death because of her involvement with her ex.

She wants to avoid strong men who could take advantage of her again, but she also wants to feel like she has more control over her life after the chaos of the past year. She is trying to control all aspects of her life so that she doesn’t have to feel afraid, weak, and vulnerable ever again, like she did when she hid in Oregon.

Clay makes Joslyn feel like more than just “one of the boys,” but also a vibrant and attractive woman. He helps her to appreciate her feminine side. He also helps her to loosen her iron control over her life and learn to relax, enjoy life, appreciate nature.

I hope you’ll pick up Gone Missing to read more about Joslyn’s transformation in both love and in Christ!

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  1. I love mysterys and would sure love this one

    1. Thanks Shirley! I hope hope get a chance to read this!

  2. I cannot wait to read more!!! Thank you and the Suspense Sisters for the introduction to these books!

  3. You are one of just a handful of adored authors I follow and read each book that is newly released. My TBR pile is always growing, but yours are some of the ones that jump to the top!

  4. Would be a new author for me, always looking for more great reads! Thank You, Kristie Porter tklovenest [at] {aol} (.) com