Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Interview with CAMY TANG!

Join SUSPENSE SISTERS in welcoming the prolific Camy Tang! 

Here's Camy's Bio: 

Camy writes Christian contemporary romance and romantic suspense as Camy Tang and Regency romance as USA Today bestselling author Camille Elliot. She lives in San Jose, California, with her engineer husband and rambunctious dog. She is a staff worker for her church youth group and leads one of the Sunday worship teams. Visit her websites at http://www.camytang.com/ andhttp://www.camilleelliot.com/ to read free short stories and subscribe to her quarterly newsletter.

Now, let's hear from Camy about her latest release. 

SS: Tell us about your latest Love Inspired Suspense, Gone Missing.

Camy: Gone Missing is the sixth book in my romantic suspense Sonoma series (although each book is stand-alone). This story stars Joslyn Dimalanta, whom readers met in my book Treacherous Intent.

Here’s the back cover blurb:


As a skip tracer in training, Joslyn Dimalanta knows she has the skills to track down her missing friend. As long as her friend's startlingly handsome brother, Clay Ashton, doesn't distract her. But then his sister's house detonates—almost killing Clay and Joslyn. Now they realize the harsh reality: they must either find the person after Clay's sister, or face deadly consequences. And the closer the get to exposing the source of the crimes, the more explosive surprises they discover. With every obstacle they overcome, Joslyn finds herself relying on Clay more and more. Still, the peril they face scares her less than the idea of trusting Clay with her wounded heart.

SS: Where did you get the idea for this book?

When I wrote about Joslyn as a minor character in Treacherous Intent, I just knew I had to write her own love story. She’d been through so much with her abusive ex-boyfriend, and after all her losses, she’d found comfort in Christ.

In having her work for the O’Neill Agency and training to do skip tracing, it was fun to give her a case that hit close to home for Joslyn—her friend is missing. But in searching for her, Joslyn meets her friend’s handsome brother. Joslyn is in a fragile emotional place and has a hard time opening up to anyone, while Clay is protective and sure of himself, qualities that are uncomfortably close to Joslyn’s ex-boyfriend. I wanted to show how these two disparate hearts could eventually find each other.

SS: What is the main thing you hope readers remember from your story?

Camy: That no matter where you are, who you are, and where you’ve been, Jesus loves you deeply and is with you. You are not alone.

SS: Share with my readers a bit about your family.

Camy: My family is always great about supporting and encouraging me. My mom was a high school English teacher, and she always encouraged me to read. When I said I wanted to be a writer, she and my dad never tried to discourage me with the reality that writers don’t make much money, and they never pushed me to be a doctor or lawyer or something with a more stable income.

My husband is wonderful, because he let me quit work for 6 months to see if I could gain some success in my writing career (at the end of 6 months, if I hadn’t gotten a contract, I’d get another job). At the end of those 6 months, I had a contract, and he has let me stay home to write ever since. He is very encouraging and is very proud of me.

SS: If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?

PINK! PINK! PINK! PINK! PINK! PINK! PINK! PINK! PINK! PINK! PINK! PINK! It’s because my mom doesn’t like the color pink very much and wouldn’t let me wear pink when I was a child, so I kind of went overboard when I became an adult and realized I actually pick my own clothes now. :)

Thank you for the interview, Camy! 

Join us again tomorrow, when Camy shares about her inspiration for GONE MISSING. 


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