Monday, September 30, 2013


For months, I was haunted by an image that I knew was the start of a good story. I saw a man in a fire tower looking through binoculars at the mountain below. The man sees a car pull up to the lake. Two men and a woman get out. It quickly becomes clear that the men intend to harm the woman. The man in the fire tower makes the decision to head straight down the mountain to try to save the woman. That was all I knew. It was an action packed start for a suspense story, but I had to decide whom that man in the fire tower was and whom the woman in jeopardy was. And why those men had taken her out in the woods to kill her.  All those questions were answered and what started out as a dynamic scene playing in my head eventually became my November release from Love Inspired Suspense Montana Standoff.  

Inspiration for a story can come anywhere from an overheard conversation, to a news article, to meeting someone you know belongs in a book, to reading a story with an ending you would have written differently. Sometimes I hear snippets of dialogue or a scene will pop into my head. The secret is to tease out the idea or the picture through brainstorming and asking questions to see if there is a full book in that little kernel of inspiration.

Montana Standoff is Sharon Dunn’s 14th book. It is a Romantic Times Top Pick for the month of November. Learn more about Sharon and her books at     

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