Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Focus, planning, and when things go wrong...

      During the last few months I’ve been traveling a lot with my husband, and when we’ve been home, I’ve spent as much time as I could with family.   Our daughter and son-in-law are in graduate school nearby, while our son and his family are just thirty miles away.  What a blessing it is to be close to them—though I sure wish our oldest son and his family weren’t two states away!  
      This summer, it has been a blessing to be working on proposals directed toward print publishers plus some self-published projects...rather than being restricted by tight deadlines.  But soon I hope to be back at work on new manuscripts, and with that in mind I’ve been focusing on reading more fiction, reading more books and magazines on writing, and I’ve been paying greater attention to the movies I see.  Reading the wonderful books by the authors here at SuspenseSisters  gives me something to aspire to and helps to prime the well of creativity, I think.  And movies—good or not so great—can be lessons on pacing and character development.
     Have you seen any movies this summer?  What did you think?  Did you have some favorites?  I’d love to hear about them, because we seem to be hitting the ones that end up with lukewarm reviews!
My husband loves watching old westerns on TV, so we went to The Lone Ranger on the first day it came out.  I love horses—we have three in the backyard—and I like good westerns.  I enjoy action, adventure, romance and comedy—but cruelty, violence and bloodshed, not so much.  I think Johnny Depp is wonderfully talented.

But after sitting through the Lone Ranger, which tossed in every one of those fictional elements—with a dash of steampunk and a lot more—framed by odd scenes set in what appeared to be a vaudeville museum of the old west, I’m still a bit boggled as to how to express my response to it.  And though it would seem like it should be a wholesome movie—you figure the guys in the white hats will prevail—some particularly bloody scenes will keep me from bringing my grandkids.

     And it all got me thinking.  Good fiction can combine a number of genres these days—paranormal romance, romantic suspense, historical/time travel, to think of just a few.  A talented writer can create compelling, realistic worlds that sweep me into the story and make me wish the story wouldn’t end. But that kind of writing takes hard work and careful planning, careful handling of details. And seeing several movies this summer has illustrated what can happen when that kind of focus is lost.

     I know that most people visiting this blog enjoy suspense...but what are some of the other genres you enjoy, and do you have some authors you particularly enjoy?
     Blessings to you all!
Roxanne Rustand

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